Nilfisk Power Patio Cleaner used on patio tiles

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Nilfisk Power Patio Cleaner used on patio tiles

Article number: 128500955
Global rights until February 8, 2023

Enjoy your terrace or patio again! Make driveways and walkways look great. Use the Nilfisk Patio Plus to clean larger outdoor surfaces. It’s fast, it’s efficient; and if you need to work on soft surfaces you can easily adapt the pressure to avoid any damage to the material.

Power patio offers:
- Large spray area for faster and uniform cleaning
- Pressure regulation to protect the surface if needed
- A cover that keeps dirt and splashes on the ground – when compared to general nozzles

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Nilfisk Multi Brush is a versatile brush with several features and configuration possibilities. Use it for cleaning wood garden furniture or use it for the car - just remember to switch the brush head.
Are you tired of algae or fungus growth on your roof? Protect your roof from unintended organisms and let your house return to its original beauty. The Nilfisk Roof Cleaner provides the option of applying roof cleaner detergent. Apply the dedicated roof cleaner detergent and let it dry. Within just a few weeks, the organisms will die. After this, rain, wind and the sun will dissolve the material.

Roof Cleaner​ offers:
- An extractable pole with a soft and gentle nozzle for distribution of detergent on roofs. It is very easy to use with one-storey homes, while two-storey homes may need safety preparation
- A hose and extraction system to pick up detergent directly from the container for convenient usage
- An adjustable dosing system for intelligent application of soaps and detergents

Roof Cleaner has art. no. 128470040

Have you ever struggled with tough dirt and stubborn algae? Whether you are preparing furniture or surfaces for oil or paint treatment or just cleaning tough dirt, the Nilfisk Multibrush mounted with Garden Furniture Brush will make your job easier and deliver great results. The Nilfisk Multibrush offers a detergent tank with adjustable dosing and can be used with dedicated stone and wood cleaner.
See how it went, when Lothepus from Norway testet a Nilfisk high pressure washer (a Nilfisk E 160.1 to be more precise).

Article number: 6411138
Global rights until Febuary 8 2023

Get the most out of your high pressure cleaner with the Multi Angle Nozzle. Fully adjustable to give you total control over your spray. The Multi Angle Nozzle can be adjusted to different angles depending on your need, allowing you to better control the spray, clean more effectively and avoid splashing on surroundings.

Multi Angle Nozzle offers:
- Adjustable angle (0 – 90 degrees) for flexible usage
- Opens up new cleaning possibilities as you can use the high pressure washer for more cleaning tasks
- Less unintentional splashing and cleaning up afterwards