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Nilfisk Consumer See all

Nilfisk Multi Brush is a versatile brush with several features and configuration possibilities. Use it for cleaning wood garden furniture or use it for the car - just remember to switch the brush head.
As with all Nilfisk products, it is a case of Danish design quality with smart, in-built functions. The Multi II series separates itself from the previous models by being equipped with several smart features. As a standard, the Multi II will tell you, itself, when the filter needs to be cleaned. On most models, there is even an in-built innovative and unique Push&Clean function, which makes it possible to let the machine clean the filter by itself, by using a wave of pressure around the filter.

This is why clever cleaning is blue!

Don't know which nozzle to use? Watch the movie to see the difference between;

- Nilfisk Tornado Nozzle
- Nilfisk Powerspeed Nozzle
- Nilfisk Car Nozzle

Clever is blue

Make your car shine again and protect its enamel – at the same time. The Nilfisk Multibrush mounted with a soft brush makes it easy to thoroughly clean your car. The Nilfisk Multibrush offers a detergent tank with adjustable dosing. Used with the Nilfisk Car Cleaner and wax the result is a stunningly clean car!

Multi Brush with Car Cleaner brush offers:
  • A sensible sized brush that covers large surfaces but also lets you get in to those hard to reach places
  • A rotating brush offering more contact with the surface – releasing dirt faster
  • Adjustable dosing of detergent gives you the option to dissolve the dirt with soap for quicker cleaning; and if not needed, saving the detergent.​
This is why clever cleaning is blue!

This is why clever cleaning is blue!

Wall Drill Nozzle is perfect for fast and easy dust pick-up during drilling tasks!

Just attach the Wall Drill Nozzle to the hose of your Nilfisk Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Place the Wall Drill Nozzle on the surface, where you want to drill. Start the Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. The suction from the vacuum cleaner will make the Wall Drill Nozzle stick to the surface. When you drill, the Wall Drill Nozzle and Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner will suck up all the dust and dirt from the drilling.  

The Wall Drill Nozzle will stick to the surface, so you have your hands free to concentrate about the drilling. 

Can be used vertically and horizontally.